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Rustall Set

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Manufacturer: Rustall
Stock Number: RUS 1234
Volume: 2 Oz
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If you want it to look rusted and weathered, nothing will do it better than RUSTALL. The patented RUSTALL Weathering System is an easy to use product designed to simulate a random rust pattern for weathering model trains, military models, scale autos, and other miniatures. RUSTALL will produce a random rust pattern on metal, styrene, cast resin, and even paper. RUSTALL is non corrosive, dries fast, won't craze plastic and cleans up with soap and water. RUSTALL is quick, with just four easy steps and requires no special equipment to produce professional results.

The RUSTALL set includes four different products designed to work together to produce incredible weathering effects.

Stir the RUSTALL and dip your brush, bringing up some liquid "rust". The patented RUSTALL formula is designed to leave a random rust effect, so let the RUSTALL flow onto the item to be "rusted". Allow it to dry and repeat for more "rust". RUSTALL is designed to leave a subtle layer of "rust" with the first application. This allows you to control the amount of weathering from a subtle coat of "rust" to a total, "junkyard" look.

BLACKWASH will darken and bring out detail and texture around bolts, hatches, and other fine detail.

DEADFLAT will give you a natural, random, flat finish.

You guessed it. Dust is dirt. But no ordinary, everyday dirt. It is a great dirt. Dirt that has spent millions of years becoming dirt. A fine dirt from the hills of Mendoncino County in California. A noble dirt... found at the end of our company driveway. Actually it is a clay silt that we grind and sift several times into a fine, talcum powder like dust. This dust is used in conjunction with RUSTALL to produce heavily corroded items.

Be sure to read the instructions carefully for best results.

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