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UH-1C Huey Frog
Unassembled plastic model kit

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Manufacturer: Academy Models
Stock Number: ACD 2196
Scale: 1/35
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This model kit requires assembly. Cement, paint and other construction materials not included unless specifically stated in the description.

The UH-1C is the third generation of Bell's Iroquois series.

Chronologically, Bell's D, E and F variants preceded "Charlie's" production, but the UH-1C is actually the B models true descendant. Charlie is easily distinguished by its larger fin and elevators, the 540 'Door hinge' rotor hub and wider chord rotor blades.

The Frog was a fearsome fighting machine. It carried a formidable range of weaponry, including side-mounted twin rocket pods and an M-5 40mm grenade launcher on its nose. Each of the two pods held seven 2.75 inch rockets and the M-5 grenade launcher could carry over 300 anti-personnel grenades.

In 1966, permission was granted for the UH-1C to wear the famous barred teeth trademark of General Claire Chennault's Flying Tigers. This marked the birth fo the much feared "Sharks" Huey gunships.

The UH-1C "Huey" Heavy Hog represents the third generation of Bell's iroquois series. Although it follows the D, E and F variations into production, the machine is directly descended from the UH-1B, "Charley"was often mistaken for the UH-1B, but closer scrutiny would reveal the UH-1C's larger fin and elevators, the new 540 "door hinge" rotor hub, and its wider chord rotor blades.

Of all Bell's UH-1C machines, the Heavy Hog was the most heavily armed. It carried an M-5 40mm grenade launcher on its nose and the M3 Rocket System. Each of the two M3 rocket pods carried twenty-four 2.75 inch rockets and the M-5 grenade launcher held over 300 antipersonnel grenades. Used extensively as escort for "slicks", unarmed transport helicopters, the Heavy Hog was able to provide especially effective cover and offensive firepower during unloading and recovery operations.

The UH-1C "Huey" Heavy Hog saw its combat tour through to the close of the vietnam Conflict, deadly to the enemy and essential to U.S. forces in its capacity as a most formidable gunship.
  • Extensive cockpit detailing.
  • Detailed engine and rotor assembly.
  • Includes pilot and crew figures.
  • Authentic markings included.

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