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World War II Japanese Tank Tactics
64 page book.

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Authors: Gordon L. Rottman Akira Takizawa
Illustrator: Peter Dennis

About this book
In this book, expert author and tactician Gordon L Rottman provides the first English-language study of Japanese Army and Navy tank units, their tactics and how they were deployed in action. The Japanese army made extensive use of its tanks in the campaigns in China in the 1930s, and it was in these early successes that the Japanese began to develop their own unique style of tank tactics. From the steam-rolling success of the Japanese as they invaded Manchuria until the eventual Japanese defeat, Rottman provides a battle history of the Japanese tank units as they faced the Chinese, the Russians, the British and the Americans.

  • INTRODUCTION: 1st Independent Mixed Brigade, 1934 - Armored Forces, 1941
  • UNIT ORGANIZATION: The tank regiment - reconnaissance units - groups and divisions - other tank units
  • DOCTRINE: From infantry support to spearheading assaults - dispersal
  • TACTICS: Attack - firing methods - night attack - antitank tactics - defense; Formations: movement - the company and platoon - the regiment and division
  • TANK TROOPS: Selection and basic training - tank schools
  • BATTLE HISTORY: Shanghai 1932 - China 1937-38 - China 1944; Malaya 1941-42; Burma 1942 - Imphal 1944; Netherlands East Indies 1942; Pacific Islands: Guadalcanal 1942 - Saipan 1944 - Luzon 1945; Manchuria 1945
Paperback; October 2008; 64 pages; ISBN: 9781846032349

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