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Mid-cure 15min Epoxy - 9oz

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Manufacturer: Bob Smith Industries
Stock Number: BSI 204
Volume: 8 Oz
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MID-CURE 15 min. epoxy is used in larger areas where more working time is needed. It is more water resistant and can be used as a substitute for QUIK-CURE in most applications. MID-CURE is our most flexible epoxy and is ideal for gluing to fiberglass surfaces. Allow 45 minutes before handling parts and 2 hours for full strength.

MID-CURE 15 min. Epoxy is an equal two-part hobby adhesive that forms high strength bonds through a chemical reaction between the resin and hardener. The cured epoxy is resistant to most chemicals.

MID-CURE should be applied in temperatures above 65F. It can be used in most applications when you need more working time than QUIK-CURE provides. MID-CURE can be worked for about 10 minutes, with adhesion beginning after about 15 minutes.

MID-CURE bonds best to clean, textured surfaces. Smooth, non-porous surfaces should be roughened with coarse sandpaper to improve adhesion. Acetone and Isopropyl rubbing alcohol work as the best solvents for cleaning uncured epoxy from surfaces. MID-CURE is our most flexible epoxy. This gives it superior bonding qualities in applications such as hardwood to fiberglass. MID-CURE'S lack of brittleness allows it to form lasting bonds in areas subject to high vibration or stress. MID-CURE is a water-resistant substitute for QUIK-CURE. Full cure in 2-3 hours.

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