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USS Buchanan DD-484 and Landsdowne DD-486 Smart Kit
Unassembled plastic model kit with photo-etch parts.

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Manufacturer: Dragon Models
Stock Number: DML 7089
Scale: 1/700
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This model kit requires assembly. Cement, paint and other construction materials not included unless specifically stated in the description.

  • Round faced superstructure deck house is newly tooled
  • Forward superstructure deck retooled for close mounted 20 mm gun tubs
  • Sky-lookout shield finely represented w/photo-etched parts
  • Extra-fine detail on superstructure walls like hose, ladder partterns delicately reproduced
  • Only one torpedo mount and crane w/great details
  • Extra-thin shield walls on superstructure reproduced for accurate 1/700 apperance
  • Smoke generator w/fine detail
  • 40mm twin mount in great detail
  • Funnels provided add on photo-etched ladders
  • Quintuple torpedo launcher in fine detail
  • 36-inch searchlight w/fine detail
  • Optional barrels w/blast bags provided for gun turrets
  • Turret w/realistic detail
  • Realistically detailed gun barrels are slide-molded w/hollow ends
  • Lower mount 5-inch guns realistically produced w/extra knuckle
  • One waterline and one full hull version can be assembled
  • Bilge keels are represented on lower hull by slide-mold technology
  • Deck has realistically reproduced camber
  • Upper hull w/undercut details realistically represented
  • Extremely fine detailed parts like davits for 26' whale boats
  • Rudder is movable
  • True-to-scale ultra thin propellers reproduced
Dragon's latest 1/700 scale ship set comes with two complete kits - the first is USS Buchanan (DD-484) and the second USS Lansdowne (DD-486), both of which were Gleaves-class destroyers. The former was commissioned in March 1942, and it served in the Pacific in such campaigns as Guadalcanal, Luzon, Formosa, Iwo Jima and Okinawa. USS Buchanan steamed into Tokyo Bay on 29 August 1945, and on 2 September it carried General MacArthur to the battleship Missouri to accept the Japanese surrender. A sister ship of Buchanan was USS Lansdowne, commissioned in April 1942. After sinking a couple of submarines along the Atlantic seaboard, the destroyer transferred to the Pacific. The ship was heavily involved in escort and combat missions as the Allies island-hopped their way north towards Japan. USS Lansdowne also arrived in Tokyo Bay on 29 August, and on 2 September it transferred Japanese emissaries to the Missouri for the official surrender ceremony.

The two ship kits are highly detailed, making use of a large number of newly tooled parts. For example, the superstructure, bridge and deck are new. Smaller details such as 40mm twin guns are also new toolings. There are also numerous photo-etched metal parts to replicate extra-fine details like ladders. As destroyers of the same class built almost simultaneously, the ships share the same construction. The kits have been designed to accurately reflect their appearance in 1945. Their different markings are provided by appropriate decals. Dragon is pleased to bring to modelers these two sister ships that sailed together into Tokyo Bay and witnessed the official end of WWII.

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