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Thinner / Reducer 2oz
2 Oz bottle of Acrylic thinner.

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Manufacturer: Mission Models Paint
Stock Number: MML MMA002
Volume: 2 Oz
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Due to differences in monitor calibration and operating system gamma settings, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of any paint image or color as it is displayed on your monitor. Please use caution in ordering paint, and pay attention to the title and description of the paint for an accurate representation of the color.

Remember: Paint cannot be returned.

Mission's high grade acrylic thinner is a very powerful formula. When mixing your paint we recommend a ratio of 20-30% to 1 - or in other words 2 to 3 drops to 10 drops of paint. Same ratio for their Primer. These are the ideal ratios for perfect results, over thinning will cause more transparency in the paint. Once you mix paint to the recommended ratio you can then further mix to suit your needs.

Our thinner is also your Airbrush Cleaner.

For full information see the Mission Models website.

Mission Models Paints by nature even when "airbrush ready" mix at varying consistency when formulating the paint, so one color may seem a bit thicker than another. This is not something to worry about and it is not a problem with the paint by any means. Although Mission paints are all airbrush ready you may find due to the nature of that particular pigment a bit of thinner may help you out. Mission does NOT add any additional thinners or reducers to force an "airbrush ready" product. This is an advantage to you.

If you feel you need to add thinner (technically a reducer) less is more! If you go by the " skim or non fat milk rule" Mission paint is "Full Fat".

A thinning example might be: 30-40 drops paint , 3-6 drops thinner , 3-6 drops poly mix and spray at 10-15 psi.

Don't worry if the paint looks a bit thicker than what you are used to (Do not mix 1:1) The paint will spray smooth as butter and not hide any details. We recommend spraying 2-3" from the surface at 10-15 psi. Light wet Coats.

DO NOT mix the paint 1:1 or 50/50. It is not necessary as with other products. The paint will NOT work properly if you mix 1:1 or 50% thinner 50% Paint. It will fail. Less is more.

Please follow these ratios when 1st using the paint to get the full and proper experience. Once you have mastered (mastering is easy when you mix properly) the basics then feel free to experiment you will be able to go by eye.

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