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Atom - Dunkelgrun, RLM81, Fs34079
20 ml bottle of Acrylic paint.

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Atom - Cleaner and Thinner
AMMO of Mig Jimenez
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Manufacturer: AMMO of Mig Jimenez
Stock Number: AMJ AT20077
Volume: 20 ml
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Remember: Paint cannot be returned.

The water-based paint formula behaves as a lacquer, and is optimized for maximum performance with both brush and airbrush. These paints stand out for being self-levelling and quick drying, and for their covering power, making them unique to the market. In addition, they are extremely durable, allowing for acrylics, enamels and even hotter modelling products such as decal solutions to be applied over them.

These ATOM colours are presented in a new clear 20 ml container featuring a new cap that can be opened and closed with one hand. These paints are non-toxic and odourless.

It can be applied directly from the can or thinned with Ammo Acrylic Thinner.

Introducing the ATOM Acrylic Paint Line by AMMO by Mig.

AMMO is the result of more than 20 years of experience in modelling, and the ATOM range brings together all of the knowledge we have acquired in that time, in order to create a totally new paint.

ATOM is a true revolution in the way we paint, combining the best of both worlds, with the results of lacquer-based paint, but with all the advantages of water-based acrylics, such as being non-toxic and odourless. From now on, ATOM paints can be the foundation of all your modelling projects.

ATOM heralds a new era in modelling paints, with an exclusive range of colours to fill your projects with energy and creativity through each speck of colour.

Using an ultra-fine pigment, developed exclusively by AMMO, ATOM colours are water-based and behave like lacquer paints, meaning they offer unparalleled covering power and durability, while being self-levelling. This results in a paint which is uniquely easy-to-apply, by both brush and airbrush.


ATOM is a new type of paint specifically designed for modelling and formulated for maximum performance when applied with both brush and airbrush, with strong covering power and durability, and perfect flow and colour intensity. ATOM paints are also selflevelling and quick drying. These features mean that ATOM paints are easily applied using both brush and airbrush, achieving perfect coverage without obscuring fine details, and resulting in a smooth, uniform, durable, and matte finish.

ATOM paints are water-based, odourless, and non-toxic. They have been manufactured in compliance with the most recent and strict global safety regulations.

Once dry, ATOM paints are extremely hard-wearing and can withstand the application of all kinds of modelling and weathering products, such as acrylics and enamels, as well as masking tapes and decals. ATOM paints can be applied on top of, or under, any type of paint, including acrylics, enamels, and lacquers. One of the unique features of ATOM paints is their ability to be applied directly onto plastic and other materials, providing excellent adhesion even over very smooth surfaces.

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