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The Moors: The Islamic West 7th-15th Centuries AD
48 page book.

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Author: David Nicolle
Illustrator: Angus McBride

About this book
The high point of medieval Islamic expansion was the 700-year presence of the 'Moors' in Spain and Portugal. The Arab and Berber conquest was followed by the establishment of a richly distinct culture in Andalusia, where for a while Muslim and Christian co-operated as often as they fought. The rise and fall of successive Islamic dynasties brought new invaders, fragmentation and disunity; and the growing Christian kingdoms to the north eventually doomed the amirate of Granada, the last Moorish bastion, which fell to the Castilians in 1492. The colourful armies of Western Islam are described and illustrated here in fascinating detail.

  • The Arab Conquest
  • The Armies of European Islam
  • Umayyad navies in the Mediterranean and Atlantic
  • The Reconquista Begins
  • The Almoravids
  • Berber armies and the saving of Andalusia
  • The Moorish Collapse
  • Granada: The Last Bastion
Paperback; January 2001; 48 pages; ISBN: 9781855329645

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