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M1A2 SEP V2 (System Enhanced Program)
Unassembled plastic model kit with photo-etch parts.

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Manufacturer: Dragon Models
Stock Number: DML 3556
Scale: 1/35
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This model kit requires assembly. Cement, paint and other construction materials not included unless specifically stated in the description.

The M1 Abrams tank is one of the world's most lethal main battle tanks (MBT), being combat proven in such harsh environments as Iraq and Afghanistan. The latest and most advanced version of the Abrams is the M1A2 SEP V2, where 'SEP' stands for System Enhanced Program and 'V2' denotes Version 2. It has integrated command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (C4ISR) capabilities, which incorporate FBCB2 to provide very effective real-time command and control. The sights use the latest second-generation FLIR thermal-imaging system, while an upgraded Commander's Independent Thermal Viewer (CITV) provides a hunter-killer capacity that allows the M1A2 SEP V2 to engage one target while simultaneously tracking another. Lethality improvements include a Common Remotely Operated Weapon Station (CROWS) II that can be fired from inside the MBT using a joystick and screen, thus reducing the crew's exposure to snipers. Also added is a phone on the back of the tank so soldiers can talk to the crew. The M1A2 SEP V2 is clearly the predator at the apex of the US Army's food chain!

Dragon previously fielded an M1A2 SEP tank kit in 1/35 scale, but it has now undergone its own System Enhanced Program! The result is this spectacular M1A2 SEP V2 kit that possesses many completely new parts such as the CROWS II weapon station, new commander's cupola and the Loader's Armored Gun Shield II for his hatch. There's a rear-mounted tank-infantry phone, plus an FBCB2 system and a DUKE electronic countermeasure system installed in the bustle rack. All new parts have been carefully designed using Dragon's advanced engineering processes. The kit is versatile too, for the side skirts can be shown open and the suspension arms modeled in different positions to suit uneven terrain. The liberal inclusion of photo-etched parts contribute to a simply unbeatable model. This M1A2 SEP V2 from Dragon is ready to rumble!

  • Two types of tow hooks
  • Two types of smoke grenades
  • Realistic smoke discharger bracket
  • Suspension arm connections enable smaller increments when positioning wheels on uneven terrain
  • Rear taillights include photo-etched parts
  • Tank-infantry phone located on right-rear hull
  • GPS-LOS device with correctly patterned transparent parts to reveal electronics inside
  • Accurately depicted catch for holding hatch in open position
  • DUKE electronic countermeasure system installed in turret bustle rack, as is Vapor Compression System Unit (VCSU)
  • Highly detailed CROWS II remote weapon station w/mounted weapon installed atop Gunner's Primary Sight
  • Slide-molded smoke discharger is realistically designed to point in six directions
  • Gun breech can elevate to firing position
  • Accurately modeled rear tow ring
  • Suspension arms accurately recreated
  • Road wheels with accurate details on both sides
  • Transparent oil gauge on wheels accurately modeled
  • One-piece slide-molded bustle rack rails
  • One-piece lower hull made by three-directional slide molds for ultimate detail
  • Realistically modeled turret body with accurate details top and bottom
  • Bonus spare road wheel
  • Brand new Loader's Armored Gun Shield II includes clear plastic parts
  • Smoke discharger storage box holds extra grenades and can open/close
  • Barrel is made from fine multiple parts for greater detail
  • Accurately molded bolt details on underside of gun barrel
  • Accurate commanders cupola
  • Equipment in/near turret bustle rack includes FBCB2 system and antenna for ASIP radio
  • Hinged protective cover for mantlet
  • Muzzle and muzzle reference sensor are slide molded
  • Sprocket with accurate details, complete with mud scraper
  • Optional replacement plate for mud scraper
  • Optional round sprocket plate

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