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M2 Bradley/LVTP 7/MLRS Late Big Foot Track Set
Metal detailing set

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Manufacturer: Friulmodel Tracks
Stock Number: FRI ATL79
Scale: 1/35
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This kit is designed to be used as an extension of an existing model kit. In some cases, extensive modification may be required for the pieces to fit properly. Conversion and detailing kits are intended for advanced modelers.

M2 BRADLEY / LVTP 7 / MLRS late type "Big foot" CV-9035 / CV-9040 B/C : 180 links, two sprocket wheels in 1/35 scale, 180 nuts and bolts and a wire to obtain the track pivots.

For use on:
  • CV-9035
  • CV-9040 B/C
  • Bradley M2A2
  • AAVP-7A1
  • AAVR-7A1
  • M-270 MLRS

Friulmodel tracks are for intermediate to advanced modelers! Check your application carefully as not all tracks are appropriate for all vehicles of a particular type.

Friulmodel tracks are white metal, individual tracks that are assembled using lengths of wire to provide the pivot between links. Much easier to assemble than plastic tracks, the weight of the metal gives a very realistic sag between wheels.

Can be primed and painted, or left in bare metal and tarnished using AKI or Ammo MiG metal burnishing fluid.

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