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Light Brown Dry Lake Weathering Pigment

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Manufacturer: MIG Productions
Stock Number: MIG P056
Volume: 20 ml
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With the most demanding diorama modellers in mind, MIG Productions decided to release not one, but two colors around this topic.

These two Dry Lake Floor (P056 and P057) colors are the best approach to represent dry rivers, lakes, dry mud spots... This will bring all those parts into life and add an extra touch of reality to your models and dioramas.

Even so, these new colors can also be applied in a wide range of situations. They will look great in tank tracks and running gears, all kind of dioramas, cars, bikes, planes...let your imagination flow!

Pigments can fix in place with the help of MIG Productions Pigment Fixer and Thinner for Washes. All you have to do is to apply, by brush, several drops over the pigments and let to dry untouchable. During this process the models or dioramas will turn very dark and it could seem that the pigments disappear, but once the fixer and thinner evaporates the pigments will appear again and they will look very natural and realistic.

The MIG Productions pigments range, with their carefully studied formulation of great quality and fineness, allows modelers to increase aging, effects and volume possibilities over a model easily. They can obtain these effects with thin layers or accumulations.

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