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Fletcher Class Destroyers Detail Set
Photo-etch detailing set

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Manufacturer: White Ensign Models
Stock Number: WEM 35106
Scale: 1/350
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This kit is designed to be used as an extension of an existing model kit. In some cases, extensive modification may be required for the pieces to fit properly. Conversion and detailing kits are intended for advanced modelers.

For Tamiya and Trumpeter kits.

Stock 3-Bar Railings, Stock 2-Bar Railings, Gun Tub Splinter Shield, Main Deck Type 1, Gun Tub Splinter Shield, Main Deck Type 2, Stock Vertical Ladders, Gun Tub Splinter Shield, Platform Type 1, Gun Tub Splinter Shield, Platform Type 2, Railings (Foc'sle Plain), Railings (Foc'sle Netted), Railings (Main Deck Plain, Tamiya), Railings ( Main Deck Netted, Tamiya), Railings (Main Deck Aft Netted, Alternate), Railings (Main Deck Aft Plain, Alternate), Railing (Aft Director Tub), Railing (Aft Director Tub, Alternate), Railings (Mount 52 Gun Deck, Tamiya), Railings (Forward Superstructure Rear), Railings (Round Bridge Roof), Railings (Mount 52 Gun Deck, Alternate), Railings (Forward Superstructure Rear, Alternate), Railings (Round Bridge Rear), Railings (Mid Superstructure Forward), Railings (Mid Superstructure Aft), Railings (Square Bridge Roof), Railings (Aft Superstructure Port), Railings (Aft Superstructure Stbd), Railings (Aft Gun Tower), Foremast Fighting Lights, Hawse Pipe Grilles, Railings (Aft Funnel Platform), Early Torpedo Crane Jib, Bridge Roof Antenna Brackets, Capstan Brake Handwheels, Fore Funnel Whistle Platform, , Single-Bar Railing Stock, Main Deck Side Spray Shield Bulwark, 20mm Platform Support, Round Bridge Front 20mm Platform Type 1, 20mm Platform Support, Round Bridge Front 20mm Platform Type 2, 20mm Platform Support, Square Bridge Front 20mm Platform, Bridge Wing Supports, Forward Life Raft Racks (Early), Forward Superstructure Gun Tub Supports, Aft Superstructure Life Raft Racks, Forward Life Raft Racks (Late), Bridge Roof Signaling Platforms, Foremast SG Radar Antenna Platform, Foremast Yardarm Array, SG Radar Antenna, Mk4 Fire Control Radar Antenna, Main Deck Spray Shields, Motor Whaleboat Thwarts, Motor Whaleboat Rudders, Superstructure Side Braces (Large), Superstructure Side Braces (Small), Aft Director Tub Supports, Round Bridge Peek Platform, Aft Funnel Searchlight Platform Supports, Mid/Aft Superstructure Catwalk (Late), Mid/Aft Superstructure Catwalk (Early), RCM Antennas, Depth Charge Stowage Racks, Foremast Antenna Selection, Quad 40mm Bofors Gun Sights, Foretopmast SC2/4 Antenna Platform (Late), BK Antenna, Foretopmast SC Antenna Platform (Early), , TBS Antenna, Depth Charge Stern Rail Frames, Depth Charge Stern Rails, Stub Mainmast Platform (Large), Stub Mainmast Platform (Small), Mid Superstructure Catwalk Decking, TDY 1 Antenna Assembly, Sky Lookouts, SC2/SC4 Radar Antenna Assembly, SC Radar Antenna Assembly, Funnel Cap Grilles, Boat Davit Rigging Blocks, Inclined Ladders (Forward Superstructure), Inclined Ladder (Bridge Rear Late), SA Radar Antenna Assembly, Fire Hose Points, Mid Superstructure Door Spray Shields, Mid Superstructure Door Spray Shields, Funnel Ventilator Grilles, Funnel Antenna Frames, Mk12/22 Fire Control Radar Antenna, Vertical Hawser Reels, Twin 40 Bofors Gun Sights, Propeller Guard Frames, Searchlight Lens Crosses, Mk51 Director Mountings, Single 20mm Oerlikon Mountings, Floater Net Baskets, Anchor Chain, Twin 20mm Oerlikons on Tripods, Depth Charge K Gun Double Rack Left, Depth Charge K Gun Double Rack Right, Depth Charge K Gun Rack Left Hand, Depth Charge K Gun Rack Right Hand.

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