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Casablanca Class Escort Carriers Detail Set
Photo-etch detailing set

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USS Gambier Bay Escort Carrier CVE-73
Hasegawa Models
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Manufacturer: White Ensign Models
Stock Number: WEM 35151
Scale: 1/350
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This kit is designed to be used as an extension of an existing model kit. In some cases, extensive modification may be required for the pieces to fit properly. Conversion and detailing kits are intended for advanced modelers.

Casablanca-Class Escort Carriers - The Ship. For the Hasegawa kit.


Standard 2-Bar Railing Stock, Low 2-Bar railing Stock, Railings (Gallery Deck Catwalk), Railings (Catwalk D3), Railings (Deckhouse Roof C25), Railings (Searchlight Platforms G10), Railings (Signal Platform J26), Railing (Bridge Deck House Roof), Railing (Catwalk D4 Forward), Railings (Island Fore & Aft), Railings (Catwalk Ladderways), Railings (Fantail), Railings (Catwalks D6 & D10 Aft), Railings (D3 & D7 Forward), Railings (Sponsons B12 & B13), Railings (Sponsons B3 & B23), Railings (Bridge Deckhouse Roof Late), Railings (Foc'sle), Railings (Sponsons B16 & B17), Safety Rails (Flight Deck Fore & Aft Ends), Safety Rails (Elevator Surrounds), Railings (Catwalk Ladderways), Railings (Catwalk Ladderways), SK Radar Antenna Assembly, SG Radar Antenna, DF Loop Antenna, LSO Safety Net, 5"/38 Gun Layers' Seats, 5"/38 Gun Mount Railings, YE Radar Antenna, Mast Yardarm Stays, Mast Yardarm Footropes, Safety Net (Catwalk D10), Safety Net (Catwalk D8), Safety Net (Catwalk D9), Safety Net (Catwalk D7), Safety Net (Catwalk D6), Safety Net (Catwalk D3), Safety Net (Catwalk D5), Sky Lookouts, Floater Net Baskets, Vertical Ladder Stock, Bridge Wing Screen Starboard, Bridge Windows, Bridge Wing Screen Port, Safety Nets (Catwalk D4), Perforated Catwalk Sections D10, Perforated Catwalk Sections D6, Perforated Catwalk Sections D5, Perforated Catwalk Sections D9, Perforated Catwalk Sections D3, Perforated Catwalk Sections D8, Perforated Catwalk Sections D4, Perforated Catwalk Sections D7, Catwalk Supports E4, E5 & E6, Fire Hose Points, Crash Barrier Arms, Gallery Deck Perforated Plate, Funnel Heat Shields, Replacement Lattice Mast J30 & J31, Searchlight Platform G10, Reproducer Platform J27 & J28, Mast Top Platform J20, Late Bridge Roof & Signal Platform, Early Bridge Canopy, Forward Flight Deck Supports (C15), Forward Flight Deck Supports (C23 & C24), Forward Flight Deck Supports (E8), Forward Flight Deck Supports (C18), Forward Flight Deck Supports (C17), Aft Flight Deck Supports (E9), Aft Flight Deck Supports (C9), Mast Top Platform Supports (Outer), Mast Top Platform Supports (Inner), Fighting Lights (Lower), Mast Lower Signal Yard, Fighting Lights (Upper), LSO Platform & Screen, Reproducer Box Faces, Flight Deck Forward & Aft Edge Footrails, Perforated Catwalk Funnel Bridges, Inclined Ladder C5, Inclined Ladder C4, Inclined Ladder C6, Catwalk Supports E7, E10 & E11, Flight Deck Windbreak Support Braces, Paravane Parts, Accommodation Ladder Rigging, Accommodation Ladder Handrails, Accommodation Ladder Steps, Hawser Reels, 26' Motor Whaleboat Thwarts, 26' Motor Whaleboat Prop & Rudder, Flight Deck Detachable Windbreaks, Life Raft Frame (Funnel Bridge D5), Life Raft Frame (Funnel Bridge D4), Life Raft Frame (Funnel Bridge D8), Life Raft Frame (Funnel Bridge D9), Searchlight Lens Crosses, Life Raft Frames (Starboard Catwalks), Life Raft Frames (Port Catwalks), 40mm Twin Bofors Fittings, Arrestor Wire Guides and Risers, Mk 51 Directors, Double Watertight Doors, Single Watertight Doors, Anchor Chain, 20mm Single Oerlikon Mounts, Elevator Cables, Whaleboat Falls, Elevator Cable Guides, Anchor Chain Stoppers.

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