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British Artillery 1914-18
48 page book.

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Author: Dale Clarke
Illustrator: Brian Delf

About this book
In 1914 the artillery of Britain's 'Field Army' encompassed those weapons judged to have sufficient mobility to keep up with troops in the field. This book describes all major variants, from the 60-pdr guns of the heavy field batteries, perched somewhat uncomfortably on the cusp between field artillery and siege artillery, to the 2.75in. guns of the mountain batteries, almost toy-like in comparison. Between these two extremes lay the bulk of the artillery of the Field Army: the 13-pdr guns of the Royal Horse Artillery, and the 18-pdr guns and 4.5in. howitzers of the Royal Field Artillery batteries.

  • Introduction
  • Modernisation and expansion
  • Organisation
  • The guns
  • Miscellanous weapons
  • Colour schemes
  • Bibliography
  • Colour plate commentary
  • Index
Paperback; March 2004; 48 pages; ISBN: 9781841766881

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