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Napoleon's Carabiniers
48 page book.

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The two privileged regiments of Carabiniers survived the French Revolution with their elite status intact. They covered themselves with glory at Austerlitz, Friedland, Ratisbonne and Wagram - where their bloody losses shocked Napoleon into ordering them new helmets and cuirasses. Re-formed after near annihilation in Russia in 1812, they fought at Leipzig and in many actions of the 1814 French campaign, and made one of the final charges at Waterloo. lllustrated with rare early prints and meticulous colour reconstructions, this book details their story, and their unique uniforms, from surviving period documents.

  • Origins of the Carabinier corps and early history, 16th-18th centuries
  • Tactical role as elite shock troops
  • Reorganisation of 1791
  • Napoleon's cavalry reforms 1802
  • Uniform regulations, 1802-1809
  • 10 Battle record: the campaigns of Austerlitz, Friedland, Eckmuehl, Essling; heavy casualties at Wagram (1809)
  • The new uniforms and armour
  • Battle record: the campaigns of Russia, Germany and France, 1812-14
  • The Hundred Days' campaign, 1815 - the legend of 'the traitor of Waterloo'

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