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AV-8B Harrier II Units of Desert Shield and Storm
96 page book.

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Author: Lon Nordeen
Illustrator: Jim Laurier

About this book
The AV-8B is the only tactical aircraft that can deploy with Marine forces on amphibious assault ships and provide air cover and close air support separate from large deck aircraft carriers. When Iraq invaded Kuwait in August 1990, a coalition of nations launched Operation Desert Shield in order to defend Saudi Arabia, and the Harrier II was among the first tactical air assets to be deployed to the region. During Operation Desert Storm, the five units flying the AV-8B in-theatre became some of the top tactical squadrons of choice by air mission planners because of the pilots' skill as well as the plane's vertical take-off ability. The previously untold story of the AV-8B in this conflict is vividly brought to life by the author through first-hand accounts and period photography sourced from those that were there and official archives. This will be the first of three volumes on USMC Harrier IIs in combat, with follow-on titles covering the jet's operations in Iraq in 2003-08 and Afghanistan in 2001-2009.

  • Development, deployment and training An account of the USMC close air support doctrine, development and fielding of the AV-8A and evolution to the AV-8B day attack aircraft in the 1980s.
  • Marine Air Ground Team A discussion of the role of Marine aviation as a tool to support the Marine rifleman and regular operations of the AV-8B on amphibious assault ships in support of worldwide marine forces to cover a wide range of potential conflict scenarios.
  • Desert Shield Background on the 1990 Iraqi invasion of Kuwait, and coalition air power deployments to deter an Iraqi advance into Saudi Arabia.
  • Harrier II Ashore and Afloat This will include the story of the rapid deployment of AV-8Bs into the Middle East and training to prepare for war from both forward land bases and amphibious assault ships in the Arabian Gulf.
  • Planning the Air Campaign A review of the four-phase coalition air campaign planned to pave the way for the ground invasion and the role assigned to the AV-8B
  • Preparing the Battlefield An overview of the extended air campaign against Iraqi forces in Kuwait and focus on the Harrier II's role in support of the successful coalition operation to expel Iraqi forces from Kuwait in 1991.
  • Close air support for the Invasion USMC supported Coalition enforcement of UN air restrictions over Iraq and development of new tactical skills 1992-2003
  • Conclusion Review of the important role the AV-8B played in the conflict Appendices - Include a listing of USMC squadrons and locations at the time of Desert Shield
  • Desert Storm The book will include a listing of the major production types of Harrier IIs, including two different types of aircraft, AV-8B day attack, TAV-8B trainers - A listing of combat sorties per squadron and losses
Paperback; October 2011; 96 pages; ISBN: 9781849084444

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