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World War II Combat Recon Tactics
64 page book.

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Author: Gordon L. Rottman
Illustrator: Peter Dennis

About this book
This book explains and illustrates the tactics, techniques, equipment and unit organization of reconnaissance troops of the main wartime powers. It covers not only the dedicated reconnaissance units in the divisional order of battle, with their vehicles and heavy firepower, but also the small infantry patrols that were sent out constantly, by commanders at every level, to scout the terrain, detect the enemy, and infiltrate or raid his lines. These are illustrated with wartime photos, and brought to life in detailed colour plates of tactical scenarios.

  • 'NOT A STEP WITHOUT RECONNAISSANCE ': The purposes and means of reconnaissance; The shortcomings of maps and photographs; The time factor
  • RECONNAISSANCE MISSIONS: Information collection and assessment; Patrol tasks (point reconnaissance; area reconnaissance; route reconnaissance; defensive patrolling; outposts and out-guards; other types of patrol)
  • DIVISIONAL RECONNAISSANCE UNITS: Capabilities and missions; Unit organization
  • MOBILITY: Foot movement;Snow; Water obstacles; Horses; Bicycles; Motorcycles; Light trucks and cars; Armoured vehicles
  • WEAPONS AND EQUIPMENT: Weapons (the weight
  • firepower balance); Compasses; Binoculars; Maps; Clothing and camouflage;Communications (AM radios; FM radios; field telephones; panels; smoke and pyrotechnics)
  • TACTICS AND TECHNIQUES: Composition of patrols; The rifle squad; Stealth vs firepower
  • NATIONAL COMPARISONS: United States; Great Britain; Soviet Union; Germany; Japan
Paperback; September 2007; 64 pages; ISBN: 9781846031373

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