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The Crusades
64 page book.

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Author: David Nicolle
Illustrator: Richard Hook

About this book
Born of a mixture of religious fervour, military ardour and political will, the Crusades remain a fascinating and misunderstood aspect of medieval history. Born amid immense suffering and bloodshed the Kingdom of Jerusalem remained a battlefield for almost 200 years. The Crusades raised to campaign for it gave rise to the Military Orders of the Templars and Hopitallers as well as numerous smaller orders, and were a backdrop to the careers of some of history's most famous leaders including Richard 'The Lionheart' and Saladin. David Nicolle recounts the background and events of these fundamental campaigns that scarred the Late Medieval period.

  • Introduction
  • The First Crusade
  • Establishment of the Crusader States
  • The Later Crusades
  • The Crusader States
  • Collapse
  • Strategy, Tactics & Organisation
  • Castle and Siege Engines
  • Arms & Armour
  • The Plates
  • Paperback; September 1988; 64 pages; ISBN: 978085045854

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