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2 barrels for Japanese 7.7mm Type 97
Metal detailing set

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Manufacturer: Aber
Stock Number: ABM A48012
Scale: 1/48
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This kit is designed to be used as an extension of an existing model kit. In some cases, extensive modification may be required for the pieces to fit properly. Conversion and detailing kits are intended for advanced modelers.

The Type 97 came into service in 1937, and was used in the Nakajima B6N, Yokosuka K5Y, Yokosuka D4Y, Aichi D3A, Aichi E16A, Kawanishi E7K, Kawanishi N1K and its land-based derivative, the N1K-J, Mitsubishi J2M, Mitsubishi F1M2, in addition to the Mitsubishi A6M Zero and its floatplane derivative, the Nakajima A6M2-N.

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