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Greek and Roman Siege Machinery 399 BC-AD 363
48 page book.

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Manufacturer: Osprey Books
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Author: Duncan B Campbell
Illustrator: Brian Delf

About this book
Siege machinery first appeared in the West during the Carthaginian invasion of Sicily in the late-5th century BC, in the form of siege towers and battering rams. After a 50-year hiatus these weapons of war re-appeared in the Macedonian armies of Philip II and Alexander the Great, a period that saw the height of their development in the Ancient World. The experience of warfare with both the Carthaginians during the later-3rd century BC, and Philip V of Macedon during the early-2nd century BC, finally prompted the introduction of the siege tower and the battering ram to the Roman arsenal. This title traces the development and use of these weapons across the whole of this period.

  • Introduction
  • Wheeled Towers (the siege-tower, the Helepolis of Epimachus, the Helepolis of Posidonius)
  • Tortoises (the 'ditch-filling' tortoise, the 'digging' tortoise, the ram-tortoise, the 'borer', Hegetor's ram-tortoise)
  • Ancillary machines (the 'sambuca', the 'tolleno')
  • Roman Siege Machinery (the siege-tower, the ram-tortoise, miscellaneous shelters)
  • Colour plate commentary
Paperback; June 2003; 48 pages; ISBN: 9781841766058

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