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South African Special Forces
64 page book.

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Manufacturer: Osprey Books
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Author: Robert Pitta
Illustrator: Simon McCouaig

About this book
This book provides a highly detailed account of the history, organisation, uniforms and insignia of South African Special Forces from their origins up to the early 90s - units such as the 44 Parachute Brigade, the Hunter Group and the infamous SWA Police COIN Unit 'Koevoet'. These elite units of the South African Defence Force and the special anti-terrorist units of the South African Police Forces comprised the largest, best trained and best equipped of any country in southern Africa. Robert Pitta and Jeff Fannell provide the text in a volume packed with photographs and illustrations.

  • SADF Parachute Battalions
  • The Pathfinder Company
  • The Hunter Group
  • SADF 32 Battalion
  • The Reconnaissance Regiments
  • Oter SADF and Police Units
  • The Plates
  • Paperback; May 1993; 64 pages; ISBN: 978185532294

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