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Encyclopedia Of Armour Modelling 5 - Final Touches
160 page book.

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Manufacturer: AMMO of Mig Jimenez
Stock Number: AMJ 6154
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The definitive AFV modeling encyclopedia from the hands of Mig Jimenez, creator of FAQ 1, FAQ 2 and many of the best-selling books in the history of modeling, and a team of the best AFV modelers from all over the world under his direction.

In this fifth volume of the AFV Encyclopedia, we'll examine in detail how to make the Final Steps necessary to finish our AFV models in an attractive and realistic manner.

Throughout 160 pages and more than 800 large photos, Volume 5 explains step by step and in detail, the techniques used to finish all types of complementary details and add the critical final touches that will bring the model to life.

Volume No. 5 features in-depth explanations about how to tackle the painting and weathering process of tracks, car and truck wheels, exhaust pipes, tools, tow cables, personal weapons and machine guns, antennas, as well as clear parts for periscopes and sights. The modeler will also learn how to paint and weather all kinds of wooden items such as ammunition and supplies boxes; pieces of gear made of metal like water, fuel and oil cans, fabric elements such as canvas, flags, and mantlet covers. Finally, we will thoroughly cover natural elements like rocks, earth, fallen leaves, small branches, and grass. In addition, there is a gallery with pictures of the main models used in the encyclopedia and a chart with the most important techniques used for each example for quick reference.

The techniques shown in the encyclopedia are described with highly informative text and numerous pictures illustrating the process with extensive and easy to follow details. This encyclopedia is the definitive tool for the workbench of any AFV aficionado. Don't miss the fifth and final installment of this comprehensive encyclopedia!

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